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CD Cover

In this project, I was tasked with creating a CD cover design that included both visual and structural elements. The concept for the design was to showcase traditional folk music from my country. To bring this concept to life, I utilized design elements that reflected the culture and heritage of my country. The final product was an aesthetically pleasing CD cover that effectively communicated the music's cultural significance to the audience.

Emirates Pofaki

I worked on a project that involved redesigning a package made in the Emirates with a new and sophisticated look. For this design, I drew inspiration from the iconic landmarks that the UAE is known for. The final design incorporated elements that reflect the country's culture and heritage while also conveying a modern and stylish feel.

Travel Neck pillow final 1-05.png

Bebe Home visual Package Design

Design a visual package for Bebe Home Store's memory foam pillows.

chips 1.png

Travel Neck Pillow

As part of my work for the company's new product, a neck pillow, I created a new visual and structural package design. In the design process, I incorporated the company's brand colors to ensure consistency with the company's overall branding.

Travel Neck pillow final 1-05-Recovered.png
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