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In this project, I created a CD cover design that included visual and structural elements. The concept for the design was to showcase traditional folk music from my country. To bring this concept to life, I utilized design elements that reflected the culture and heritage of my country. The final product was an aesthetically pleasing CD cover that effectively communicated the music's cultural significance to the audience.

Inspiration/ Sketch

inspiration from my home country and from the song choice which talks about a Palestinian girl called Jafraa.



Final Outcome

The song I chose is a love story between a poet and a young Palestinian girl from Acre. To reflect the fact that the poet would send his poems to his beloved through letters, I designed the packaging in the form of a letter. The illustration features an olive tree with an inky texture, which represents the thick ink that was commonly used in the past. The olive tree is also a symbol of national identity and connection to the land

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