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Dana Abdelaziz

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Al Samidun الصامدون

 I developed a campaign to raise awareness for the disease PKU in the UAE. I created a brand identity for the campaign, utilizing a bold typeface in the logo to convey the strength and courage of children living with this disease.

Sharjah Old Cars Club

As part of a project, I was tasked with rebranding the identity of Sharjah's old cars club. For the logo of this brand, I incorporated a car wheel with an Islamic design pattern to represent the emirate of Sharjah's unique identity.

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Sharjah Old Cars Club


I was responsible for creating gifts featuring the new brand identity of Sharjah's old cars club. The brand identity was chosen by the client, and I worked to ensure that the gifts I created were consistent with the new brand.


For a newly launched online shopping store specializing in pillows and bedding products, I was responsible for developing the brand identity. I created a logo design that emphasizes a bed to represent the company's tagline of "for better sleep". The brand identity was crafted to communicate comfort, relaxation, and a good night's sleep.

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